Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ZZ Hamid khalifa e yousuf kazab??????

Here is a seemingly very clear and much awaited response from Mr. Zaid Hamid. In fact it doesn't solve the riddle at all. He avoides some very basic questions raised by the people coming out and pointing finger to his association with a false prohpet. Regurgitating Sharia and other Arabic terms is not an answer to some basic questions which require only a straight forward, yes and no answer. For example,
1. Kya Yusuf Ali ne Noor-e-Muhammad (SAW) ka "libas" hone ka dawa kiya thha aur apne mannay walon ko sahabi-e-rasool kaha thha, jis mein aap bhi shamil thhay?
Did Yousaf Ali proclaimed himself to be the "libas" of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and called his followers, including yourself, "Sahabi-e-rasool?
2. Kya Yusuf Ali ne aap ko apna khalifa namzad kiya thha?
Did Yousaf Ali appointed you as his Khalifa?
3. Kya aap ne Yusuf Ali ki saza ke khilaf siyasatdanon aur ulema se rabtay naheen kiye aur us ka case adalat mein naheen lara?
Did you not contacted politicians and Ulema to contest Yousaf Ali's sentence in the court and didn't you fight his case in the court?
4. Aap Yusuf Ali ki taleemat se kab taeb huay?
When did you turned back from the teachings of Yousaf Ali?
5. Kya aap iqrar karte hain ke Yusuf Ali kazzab fasiq thha aur usay Lahore High Court ne saza-e-maut ka jo faisla sunaya thha wuh durust thha?
Do you testify that Yousaf Ali Kazzab was a Fasiq and the Lahore High Court decision in his case was right?
According to our information, the only answer ZZ Hamid has given so far to these five questions is to ask the person to visit him in pindi and he will explain things to him.
The allegations against ZZ Hamid are really serious. The point that this author raised stands insignificant before the real allegations by his critics in Pakistan. ZZ Hamid must consider taking his case to the court rather trying to douze the flames through e-mail exchanges. Facts are hard to hide with rhetoric and fiction.
According to our information, one of ZZ Hamid's old friend, who had been a Nazim of IJT in Karachi contacted him recently on the phone to seek his clarification whether ZZ Hamid is still asscociated with the ideology of Yusuf Kazzab or not. And as expected Zaid said that Yusuf Kazzab was "misunderstood" and he never claimed to be a prophet!
> From: info@brasstacks.biz > To: > Subject: > Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 10:34:43 +0500 > > you may send this to your friends: > > > ****************** > > > My Dear Kamran, > > aa. This is Zaid Hamid here. lets get to the brasstacks !! > > We need to fear Allah and lets not make mockery of deen and Sharia. > Sharia, Sunnat and Deen demands that I must wait until some critical > sharia conditions are met. Burdon of proof is on accusers NOT on me. > > They have accused me of gravest of sins, called me a Kafir and Murtid, > follower of false prophets, running cults, doing khiyanat in wealth of > orphans and widows, working for secret services against the State, and > sponsoring my own program on News1 through secret funding of dubious > agencies. Also, being a fraud by pretending to be a doctor or Professor ! > http://www.dictatorshipwatch.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file > =article&sid=6156&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0 > > > I will respond to each one of them but Before any of the allegation is > responded, Sharia demands that it MUST be established: > > That: > a.. Who are the accusers ? Names, full details. Let us all see their > faces and backgrounds. Let them take responsibility for their actions. > b.. What is their credibility. ? Are they Fasiqs, qualified to be > witnesses according to Sharia. ? > c.. What is the evidence provided ? Does the evidence on all allegations > qualify sharia and Islamic requirements or is it just Bohtan? > d.. What punishment would be awarded to those who falsely accuse > Muslims for Kufr and Khiyanat in baseless Bohtan. > e.. Who would be the judge to decide on evidence produced. ? > > This MUST be established. These are serious Sharia requirements and > CANNOT be avoided nor decided on e-mailing matches. If none of the > above has been established, why and what do you want me to respond ?? > These are only evil whispers of satanic shadows on the wall ??? > > > Do we know the accusers or are they still shadows ???? -- Who are > they and what are their credentials ?? Have you met any of the > accusers or know them ?? Have they asked me and seeked clarification before making their Bohtan ?? > Are they willing to come and confront me face to face with proof on > all bohtans ??? What they are doing, is it according to sunnah and Shariat ?? > > > There are four names we see: None of them know me despite their claims. > a.. Abid Ullah Jan -- He has never met me in life. > b.. Tahir (reporter) He too has never met me in life. > c.. N. Shahrukh, (who does not expose his name or address) > whom I sure I have never met in life or at least never in last 17 > years since I left Karachi. > d.. Faiyyaz Alam, whom I am also sure have never met in life > or at least never in the last 17 years. > How on earth can they claim to know me ????? > > What evidence they have provided? What they present as evidence is > only fabricated allegation of Kufr and Khiyanat not proof !!! Each and > every allegation must be backed by proof. Quran, Sunnat, Sharia, law > and truth demands it. They respond allegation with more allegation > which even you seem to believe. > > Lastly, it should be decided what should be the punishment of the > above four accusers if they fail to provide the Sharia complient proof > for all their allegations ??? All allegations !!! > > You ask them to conply on all five conditions and I shall respond on > each one, else Allah deen and sharia reject them as bohtan, nonsence and lies. > > my dear brother, It would have been dignified and honorable if you had > asked them for proof and checked their credentials before making > global broadcasts and doubting my Imaan and love for Rasul Allah > (saw). Calling a Muslim as Kafir is greatest of sins. Be very very careful here. Don't spread rumors. > > It would have been even more dignified if you had come to me and asked > for clarification first rather than making global broadcast of rumors > creating doubts in the hearts and minds of innocent people. May Allah > forgive you and forgive us all. Read what Allah has to say in the > attached file. There is great wisdom and khair in it. > > Alhamdolillah, all my life has been spent keeping my self under tests > and trials of fire, sword and blood for the sake of this deen and in > love of Rasul Allah. My prayers, sacrifices, my life and death remains > for Allah and His Prophet (saw). My izzat, life, parents, property, > family and even good deeds are sacrificed on Rasul Allah. I am not mad > to follow false prophets after Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw). > > Those with noor can see the rehma, baraka and khair from Allah and > love of Rasul Allah in the life and mission of this humble faqeer. > Hasbu nallah Naimul Wakeel, Naimul Maula wa naimun Naseer. > > Curse of Allah, angels and momineen be on those liars who claim to be > "prophets" after Sayyadna Khatim un Nabiyyeen Muhemmed Rasul Allah (saw). > Also cursed and Rajeem are those who follow such liar "prophets" and > also cursed are those who accuse innocent Muslims of following such > false prophets. There will be no prophet after our beloved Sayyadna, > Maulana, Muhemmed Rasul Allah, Rehmat ul lil Aalimeen (saw). May Allah > keep us in His serene and blessed noor and Rehma in dunya and Akhira. > > May Allah be my witness in both the worlds and forgive our errors, > mistakes and sins and have mercy on Ummat e Sayyadna Rasul Allah > (saw). Indeed Allah is the best of Protector and most merciful on His slaves. > > We will inshallah, will not be distracted and continue our mission of > protecting Pakistan against all threats, internal and external. > > Wassalam and duago > > > > > > Zaid Hamid >
The same message was copied to another blogger from Islamabad. See here, which he found.
Here is a quote from the post:
There are several other questions being asked about Mr. Zaid’s past and future plans. I sent him an email asking few questions for sake of clarity and in order to incorporate his version about the ongoing controversy.
His response was immidiate but surprisingly he skipped all questions and rather sent me a completely irrelevent e mail, which is full of curses and swearings!
His respone is not only irrelevent but more of a curse on those who initially tried to expose him. He has not said a single word on his association with Yousaf Kazab, the Video tapes and court records where he was defending a false prophet. He has also skipped rest of the questions regarding his campaign against Banking system, in times when our economy is already under pressure and Anti-Pakistan forces are trying to collapse our economy.
The controversy will only be resolved if he clearly answers all the questions. Covering these reservation of people about him would result in further doubts.

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